Space Kit

Space Kit

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    BLAST OFF with our out of this world Space Kit!

    Let your child explore their imagination through the power of play. We have a variety of activities included in this kit that is sure to keep your little ones busy! 

    Some of the experiences your child can participate with this kit includes:

    🚀 Make astronomical outer space scenes using their imagination to interact with

    🚀 Use their creativity to paint their own planets and stars

    🚀 Explore small world play scenarios using open ended materials such as; play-dough, jets, stars and planets

    As well as this, we have also included write & wipe activity cards that are re-usable. These activities will strengthen and support your child's:

    🚀 Prewritting skills 

    🚀 Literacy and phonic recognition 

    🚀 Numeracy

    🚀 Pencil control

    The items included in the kit are:

    🚀 Home made playdough 

    🚀 Paint palette 

    🚀 Jets

    🚀 2D and 3D stars

    🚀 Pebbles

    🚀 Paintbrushes 

    🚀 Re-usable paper activities 

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